At Weddings with Joy, we realize that we might be many women’s first boutique experience. In order to prepare you for a visit to our shop, we have provided some points below that we hope shed light on what to expect at a boutique, and how that sets us apart from big-box retailers.


We Carry Sample Dresses, not Ready-To-Wear Dresses

“Ready-to-wear” or, interchangeably, “off-the-rack” are terms commonly used to describe factory-made clothing, sold in a finished condition, in standardized sizes. Most people are used to shopping for ready-to-wear clothes in shopping malls or department stores. A dress at Macy’s, for example, will be available in sizes 0-20, and an ample stock is stored in their store to supply sold merchandise.  Online retailers and big-box stores can often offer lower prices because they buy products in high volume. We don’t!

The majority of our wedding dresses are “samples,” which means that it’s a select dress in a single size intended to give you an idea of the style. We carry multiple dress styles, or “samples,” so that our brides may have a well-rounded selection to choose from, but we do not carry each sample dress in every size.

We Carry Sample Wedding Dresses in Sizes 0 to 24.

We are proud to carry sample dresses in a variety of sizes ranging from 0 to 24 because we believe that every woman deserves to feel included in the boutique experience.

However, because our dresses are samples, that means that they won’t fit your unique body perfectly. But don’t worry, we can order the majority of our wedding dresses in any size. Each wedding dress line will have a specific size chart that we utilize to closely match the given measurements. However, wedding dresses almost always require some alterations to fit just-so.

Carrying More Samples in Different Styles Means More Savings for You!

At Weddings with Joy, we believe in quality over quantity. We’re proud to be an independent bridal boutique which provides a couture experience at an affordable price point. We understand that our boutique guests want gorgeous wedding dress options, without the hefty price tag. Our gowns are available between $600 to $3,000, with an average price point between $1,200 to $1,500.

Yes, We Do Have Sample Sales

We have a select number of sample dresses available off-the-rack at a discount, and these are great ready-to-wear options for elopements, budget brides, or for quickly approaching wedding dates.

Our Wedding Dresses are Hand Selected

Wonder how we get our dresses? They are hand selected at bridal markets across the country by lead consultants and the owner of Weddings with Joy. When we’re at the bridal market, we go into it with you, and your budget in mind. We love providing our brides, and the Olympia community with stylish, contemporary, and affordable wedding dress styles.

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