We met so many of Olympia’s young men during this high school Homecoming season and it was such a pleasure to meet all of you. We love serving our community in any way we can, and being a small part of a teen’s high school milestone is such a pleasure. Seriously, we could not help but beam with joy every time we were told, “this is my first suit, ever.” So, we know this isn’t the last dance of the year, and we’re going to see you again soon! Below are some tips we hope will help you during your next trip to Weddings with Joy. You’ll be a pro by the time you’re a senior in high school and rent your prom suit, and hopefully someday…your wedding suit! 

1. Call and Schedule an Appointment

Scheduling an appointment will ensure that our stylist is completely attentive to you and your needs. In order to place an order to rent a tux, you and a stylist will need to decide on your suit style, color, accessories, and measurements. 

2. Suits and Tuxes are Not The Same

The most noticeable difference between a suit and a tuxedo, are the tuxedo’s satin details. Tuxedos have satin lapels, satin stripes down the pant leg, and satin covered buttons. A suit, on the other hand, does not have any satin which makes it a less formal option. Tuxedos are also popularly styled with a white shirt, bow tie and cummerbund, and black patent shoes. Suits are more versatile and can be worn with a long tie or bow tie, a colored or patterned shirt and/or vest, and shoes such as an oxford style, loafers, or slip on suit shoes.

3. Know Your Colors  

It’s a popular trend for young men to color match their vest and tie to their date’s dress color, so be sure to know yours! You can either bring in a color swatch, show us a picture of the color you need, or a picture of your dates dress. No matter what, we will be there to help you pick the best color match for your event! 

4. Order Early

We need at least a weeks notice to be able to place your suit order, but recommend ordering 4-5 weeks in advance! There are a couple benefits to ordering your suit early: 1. It arrives on time, before your event, and you’ll have peace of mind. 2. If an item arrives and it’s too long or short, we can re-measure you and order a replacement in time for your event. 3. You will avoid additional rush fee costs, so ordering early = more savings! 

5. Have a Budget in Mind

We have dozens of suit styles and they’re all available at different price points, so be sure to have a budget in mind before coming in. Our stylists will walk you through each suit style, their particular cuts, and help you choose the best suit for you and your budget. 

6. Return your Suit Early

At Weddings with Joy, all suits must be returned on the following Monday of the week the suit is picked up. Our suits are ordered through Jim’s Formal Wear and they need to pick up their suits to professionally clean them, process them, and then redistribute them. Failing to return the suit on Monday will result in a $25 per-day late fee! If you’re not available to drop off your suit before Monday, ask a friend or family member to drop it off on your behalf! 

7. Tag us on Social Media!

We love showing off our Weddings with Joy family on our social media! Sharing your post will help others learn about our suit rental service, and will encourage them to shop local! We know we’re popularly known for wedding dresses, but that’s not all we do here! On Instagram tag us at @weddingswithjoy and on Facebook at @wwjoly