Shopping for wedding dresses isn’t easy! They’re all different shades, and materials, and silhouettes, and it can get overwhelming trying to decide on just one. We see this all the time in our boutique, and we’re here to help you decide on the most memorable dress of your life. Our goal is for all brides to purchase confidently. Below are five reasons why you should say “Yes to the Dress!”

1. The dress is appropriate for your venue

When shopping for a wedding dress, it’s important to make sure that the style of the dress will be appropriate with the style of the venue. Are you tying the knot in a church? Maybe that plunging peek-a-boo dress isn’t the best choice. Are you planning on dancing all night? Maybe that fitted mermaid dress with a five-foot train isn’t the best choice. You know a dress is “The One” when you can’t think of any reason why your dress wouldn’t fit in at the venue.

2. Your opinion on the dress is the most important

Never forget that it’s your opinion that matters the most when deciding on a wedding dress. TV shows likes Say Yes to the Dress give women the impression that it’s the opinion of her bridal party that matters the most, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! This is your wedding, not theirs. You know a dress is the one when you genuinely love it, no matter what your friends and family feel about it. 

3. You’re comfortable in the dress

Remember, you’re going to spend at least a couple hours sitting, dancing, walking, and bending in this dress – so make sure it’s comfortable. Questions to ask yourself are: How is my skin reacting to this fabric? Is the weight of the dress going to annoy me? Will I feel confident in my dress all night with/without a corset? You know the dress is the one when you’re sure you feel happy, comfortable and beautiful

4. You have explored your options

Luckily, almost all women during their bridal appointments with us have said that they’re open-minded, and that’s amazing! It’s so easy to fall in love with just one style of dress, before even trying it on and seeing how it works on your body type. It’s important to step outside your comfort zone and try on a style of dress you never imagined yourself in because you might happen upon an unexpected but delightful surprise (which happens all the time.) 

Haven’t bought your dress yet? We can help with that!