Shopping for your wedding gown should be one of the most exciting and memorable times in your life! This moment is yours and we want to help empower you to make the most of it.

After speaking with a large number of brides, these are some common things they all shared they wish someone would have let them know before-hand…so we wanted to share them in hopes that even one of these tips helps you along the way!


  • Not invite certain people to your bridal gown appointment. We know you love them all, or you wouldn’t consider bringing them, but sometimes less is more! Think of your crew. Who do you feel would be most supportive and positive? That’s who you want to bring!

  • Have a conversation with the people you bring about the type of support you’d like (and not like) during your appointment. Let them know it’s most helpful to hear the positives, and ask them to keep their negative opinions to themselves. In some cases, blunt and brutal honesty are great, but when shopping for your wedding gown, it’s best to be kind and point out all the positive things! Even if they don’t like a gown, they could gently say “I liked the last one better.”

  • Make the decision yourself! This is your gown, you don’t need your great aunt Joan to say yes to the dress. If you love it, girl…do it! The gown you pick will be absolutely perfect… I promise!

  • Say yes at your first appointment. Finding your gown is just like finding your person. It can happen anywhere and anytime. You wouldn’t tell your person to wait so you can date around just to make sure you’re not missing out on something else, right? So don’t do that to your dress! When you know you know!

  • Not try on every dress your #bridetribe wants to see you in. This appointment is meant for you to find your dream wedding gown. Trying on gowns IS fun, but if you carried away in playing dress up it can be overwhelming and leave you feeling confused.

  • Buy your dress a year (or longer) in advance of your wedding! Not only does that give you enough time to order the right size and color you want and get alterations but it lifts a giant weight of the planning process for you. So girl, get your gown, check that box! Early planning gives you more time to enjoy and relax during this amazing lifetime moment.

  • Surprise your crew!! Keep your gown a secret and on the wedding day, do a “first look” photo with your whole bridal party! They will be blown away and your photographer can capture all their faces and you’ll have that keepsake forever.

  • Spend more on your gown than any other thing on your wedding list. After all it’s what most people are dying to see as the day gets closer! While the guest list might be getting smaller, you can still go big with your attire. Keep in mind too, that your bridal gown is in every photo, so you want to love the gown you’re in!

  • Not wear WHITE! In fact, most designers have created more towards ivory, champagne, blush or a combination of the above. In the last year we have actually had brides customize black wedding gowns. Add a color pop in your sash, or in the lining. Let us help you get creative and really make your dream wedding gown come true! 

  • Love the first dress you try on!! Really, it happens way more than you think…Here at Weddings With Joy, we pride ourselves on product knowledge and your bridal experience. We strive to listen to you and pull based on your direction. Together we are the perfect team, and finding your wedding gown really can be that easy!

Again, this list is meant to empower you and protect one of the most memorable moments in your life!  We want to help you make the best of it.  We look forward to celebrating with you, so give us a call or book your appointment online today!


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