Now that 2020 is over (Finally) lets focus on the future. You’re engaged (or soon to be), Yay! And we can’t wait to celebrate with you and help you find your gown. And for those of you who have found your gown, let us know if we can help with any other details. Tux rentals, bridal accessories, wedding party accessories, cleaning/preservation…etc. We are here and can help with it all! But let’s be honest, you have probably been thinking of wedding plans for months now and we’d love to give you something NEW to look forward to this year and for years to come…

January marks the beginning of our New Year, but the New Year we are really looking forward to is the New Year for you and your person. Your wedding day will mark a “New Year” for you! A New Year of Firsts… First Christmas as a married couple, first Halloween, first date as a married couple, first vacation, etc. How do you want to spend it? How can you make the most out of it…and thrive for years to come!?

While growing up, both you and your significant other both had traditions and ways of celebrating life moments with your family’s. Now, with your wedding date approaching, you will soon be starting fresh! A blank slate, a new year of firsts and that is so exciting!! Start making a list now or have a date night around planning what you and your person want celebrations and holidays to look like for you as a couple/family!

Find something, big or small that you can promise yourself to do for your person! Write a note for them to wake up to in the morning with their coffee, have a planned weekly dress-up date night at home with take-out or go on a fun trip each year to a sporting event! Another fun way to map out the holidays is to list them out in order after your wedding date and think about what you two would really enjoy or like to do to make that day or time of year special!

Below is a list of Holidays with some ideas to help get you started…

Valentine’s Day: Heart shaped pancakes in the morning or chocolate covered strawberries with your coffee!

April Fools: See who can pull of the best prank! Make sure to keep them sweet and consider the others feelings and humor when planning! The winner gets to pick what is for dinner that night…

4th of July: Host a BBQ, take a road trip, or go for a hike to find the best view of surrounding firework displays!

Halloween: Couples costumes are always fun, you can decorate your porch to scare the trick or treaters, have a scary movie you always watch or pick a new one each year.

Thanksgiving: Try a new recipe together, make food in advance and deliver it to those in need before you sit down to eat your meal, take a break from cooking and dance to your wedding song!

Christmas: Sledding, Hot chocolate with peppermint spoons, cutting down your own tree each year, adding one new ornament each year to remember a special time from that year, exchange gifts the night before, Celebrate Christmas in July with a tree, presents, a Santa suit…

Super Bowl (other sport championship): Wear your jerseys, place playful bets on the game, stock up on and make all your favorite snacks and drinks, make it an all-day event!

Another fun way to involve others is asking friends and family what their family traditions are? To get started, the girls here at Weddings With Joy wanted to share one of their traditions with you…



“We really love sitting down towards the end of the year and chatting about our person, professional, and couple goals that we want to focus on in the upcoming year! I am really excited to trying new restaurants or activities for our monthly date nights!” ~Courtney (Weddings With Joy Owner)

“A week before Christmas, we sit together and watch Charlie Brown Christmas, followed by Starbucks Hot Chocolate and driving around looking at Christmas lights.” ~Ashley (Senior Bridal Stylist)

“We have a date night jar that we pull a popsicle stick from and then do the activity. They are color coded so we can stay on track with budget and time limits depending on the day and occasion! It’s so fun and keeps us doing different activities.” ~Kristin (Bridal Stylist)

We hope this has been fun and sparked a sense of excitement for the memories you and your person will have in the future for years to come! May this new year bring you good fortune, health, happiness and a great start to the next chapter of your life!


With Joy,

The gals at Weddings With Joy

Photo Credit: Janet Lin Photography

Photo Credit: Janet Lin Photography