While Weddings With Joy has been open for nearly 40 years, providing Washington brides with gowns for decades, the last 6 years have shown tremendous growth!! September marks 6 years since the Grand Re-Opening under a new owner. Courtney Foreman took on the business with a vision and to help continue the dream that once belonged to the OG Joy.

 Weddings with Joy celebrating over 40 years of helping brides with a confetti popper!

Every day, for the last 6 years, Courtney has committed herself to celebrating brides from all over the Pacific Northwest, and has actually grown to people flying in from around the country. Every decision she makes is in the best interest of her Joyful Bride Family. She has taken a business that used to be sales driven and created an environment that purely celebrates every bride that walks through that door. From her carefully curated bridal gown collection to missing Seahawks games (go Hawks!!) to make sure she is there for our Joyful Brides, her heart is in it and visible in every aspect of the business. She builds friendships, creates memories, and celebrates every #joyfulbride so let’s all take a moment please to celebrate her!!!

Courtney and Joy, the original owner of Weddings with Joy in Washington

A couple of notes from her employees…

“Working with Courtney for as long as I have has made it seem like no time has passed. Her passion for what she does is  something to admire. Her enthusiasm and creativity on how to make every brides dreams a reality is something amazing!  I am lucky to have her as an employer and friend!”

~Ashley, Weddings With Joy Master Bridal Stylist

“Courtney, you lit a fire inside of me that I didn’t know was missing. Your kindness, empathy and openness are only some of the qualities I love about you. The way you build relationships and celebrate your brides, then teach and encourage me to do the same means more to me than you’ll ever know.  Thank you for everything you have done and I’m so excited to continue learning more as we continue working together!”

~Kristin, Weddings With Joy Master Bridal Stylist

We would love it if you would share a note with us! Send an email, leave a review, post a comment or even share a photo on IG or Facebook from your shopping experience with us to celebrate her. We love you Courtney, thank you for keeping Weddings With Joy going and building our Joyful Bride Family!

Cheers to many more years ahead!

Weddings with Joy in Washington, wedding dresses for brides

Courtney on the first day after she purchased Weddings with Joy!