It’s the most wonderful TIME of the year…to purchase your gown!! Let’s talk time for a minute! Most of you who are reading this are engaged, plan to be engaged or know someone who is engaged! YAY!! What an exciting time!

When it comes to wedding planning, there are so many things to consider. The first question almost everyone asks is, “When is the wedding?” and this is where it begins…the timeline, the clock starts ticking and you have a long list of items to check of your list.

Weddings With Joy is here to help check your wedding dress (bridal accessories and menswear) off your list! With timelines in mind, we have been monitoring the order times from our designers and thought it would be beneficial to share them with you! While we do sell gowns directly out of our collection for those with a wedding in the near future, we do encourage most of our brides to order a new gown. We have been noticing that gowns we order TODAY here in December are expected to arrive in our boutique in June! That’s 6 months! Which also means, every week that passes, the delivery date could be pushed out that much more! That being said, some of the designers have stock pieces they anticipate arriving earlier and sometimes we can get our hands on them. This is something our skilled stylists will be able to help you with! One of the best things about shopping with a local bridal shop is that you are not just a bride to us, you become part of our Joyful Family. We know your name; we remember your details, and we want to make sure you get exactly the gown you have always dreamed of!

We would love the opportunity to meet you, help you find your gown and celebrate this amazing time in your life with you!! If you have any questions, or are ready to schedule your appointment please call or text us at 360-943-9860 or visit our website for online booking, and appointment options!

Congratulations on finding your person, now let’s find you your dream dress!!!


Weddings With Joy