JOYful June!

Congratulations Bride!! We know you have a lot on your mind when it comes to planning your wedding-and we are here to help you with your dress!

Shopping can be super fun, but it can get overwhelming as well. Did you know the average bride tries on between 3-7 gowns before finding the one! Trying on more than that, at various stores can make such a celebratory moment turn frustrating.

Allow yourself to say yes when you feel ready! Speaking of this, let’s talk about the moment you find your wedding dress! So many people have opinions about this exact moment, and how it should look or feel for you. No one other than you can know it’s the one. Sometimes your bridal stylist will see a look on your face but other than that, it’s entirely up to you-to let everyone else know how you feel and that you’re ready!

Here at Weddings With Joy in Olympia, WA, we believe that every bride has her own unique special moment, that truly, no two #joyfulbride’s have the exact same experience. While some people shed a tear, share it with specific people or simply say “yup, this is it” there is no right or wrong way to say “YES” to your dress!

And let’s be honest, there is not a single area of your life where you will find joy if you’re constantly using other people’s experiences as a measuring stick for yours. Come find your own J-O-Y, at Weddings With Joy and let us celebrate you while finding your dream gown!

Request your appointment today and let’s keep the celebration going! We are so excited to meet you, call or text us today with any questions. And feel free to visit us on Instagram @weddingswithjoy to see some of the styles we have in our wedding dress collection!

Your Joyful Stylists