According to ancient history, and calendars created and adjusted by men over the course of thousands of years, every 4 years, there is to be an extra day to keep our solar/lunar calendar accurate! While this is far from a history lesson, it is relevant because that also gives us something extra to celebrate this year in 2024. And you all know how much we love to celebrate, here at Weddings With Joy in Olympia, WA!
If you haven’t noticed, February 29th is currently blocked off on our calendar-we will be opening the schedule to book Leap Day Appointments on February 10th! The exciting part is that during these Leap Day Appointments, bride’s who say yes at this Leap Experience will have the chance to win various prizes with the number 29 attached to it!
For example there will be $29 shipping, which is saving over $100!
29% off your total purchase! (THIS COULD BE HUNDREDS IN SAVINGS!)
Accessories for as little as $29! (Again, HUNDREDS IN SAVINGS POTENTIAL)
Upgraded appointments for $29 and one special Champagne Experience for 29% off, and so much more!
Be sure to follow us on Instagram at @weddingswithjoy for any and all updates regarding the opening of these appointments and other specials to come! We will be opening those appointments on Feb 10th and I promise they won’t last long! First come, first serve!
Get your guests ready to celebrate because it’ll be a super fun day celebrating you, the future JOYFUL BRIDE along with the Leap Year!
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