Weddings With Joy is excited to announce we are getting ready to host another Sip and See! Mark your calendars for June 29th. We will be here from 4pm-7pm. At this event our educated bridal stylists will be here to help answer questions and provide insight. While we won’t have the chance to try on during the Sip and See event, there will be an opportunity to schedule your personalized bridal appointment! We love getting the chance to socialize with our future #joyfulbrides!

Most people don’t know that shopping for your wedding dress is not a regular, logical shopping experience. It’s an emotional purchase. Our friend Wendy Rivera says, “The wedding dress is the most self-expressive garment a woman will ever wear!” It is much like finding your person. It can happen when you least expect it and in ways you don’t expect it! It’s magical, it’s fun! At least it should be…

One of the most important pieces to this shopping experience that some people overlook is where and when they go to shop. Things you want to consider when scheduling your bridal shopping appointments:

1.)    Price Point:

You want to make sure you know the average price of gowns at the store you’re shopping before you go. Make sure it works for your price range! Part of that magical experience is falling in love with a dress. You want to make sure that when you have that feeling, you’re comfortable with the price of the gown. Keep in mind, more expensive doesn’t always mean better! The perfect dress IS the perfect price!

2.)    Research:

Reviews are a GREAT place to start! Google reviews can be super helpful. Look and see what previous shoppers have said about their shopping experiences at the shops you’re considering visiting. Check out their websites and read about their company. The owner, stylists and designers they carry.

3.)    Less is More:

You don’t need to shop at every bridal store in a 50-mile radius. Over-shopping is a real thing and can make the whole experience frustrating and confusing. Dresses start to look the same and eventually you “don’t care” what you wear on your wedding day! Did you know the average bride tries on approximately 7 wedding dresses? And you’d be surprised how oftentimes the first or second dress is THE ONE. Also, it’s okay to say yes to the first dress!!

4.)    Timing:

Another key to this equation is shopping at the right time! Don’t just go for fun, to get an idea of styles or to do a preliminary round. You shouldn’t go dress shopping until you are ready to buy your gown. This is important because if you fall in love with a dress, but aren’t planning to buy it for another couple weeks or months, you risk the chances of it being discontinued, sold off the sales floor or not being available to arrive in time for your wedding date. We have seen it happen-even leaving it at the store while you go to another appointment, only to come back because it’s the one, but it’s gone…it’s truly heartbreaking to see a bride find a second favorite dress.

We hope this information helps and we cannot wait to see you and celebrate with you at our Sip and See on June 29th from 4-7pm!! Call or text if you have any questions.